Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shopping List

The first version of my Shopping List page has gone online, and it's not looking good! My total is currently at £183.01 and I've not even started to price up the materials to build the actual cabinet yet, plus I'm probably forgetting loads of stuff I'll need. I hope it doesn't cost too much, cos I'm not a very rich boy! ;)

(Thanks to Bob for making the green tick for me :P)


Neil said...

Pah! I did the red X too! Well, I stole that... but I still got it for you :P

MrXBob said...

Ignore neil - he is not me :p For I am Bob! :D (I dont like that you dont have smilies, mr Walters!!)

Drew said...

The X was stolen and not very good, so you didn't get credit for that :P

Any easy way of getting smilies without having to do 'img src' all the time?

Anonymous said...

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