Friday, July 13, 2007

Segagaga - I need this game!!!

SegaGaga - Front Cover
Segagaga has got to be one of the most unusual/coolest games out there. It's an RPG where you play as kid who has to save Sega from bankruptcy by making new products and gaining market share. Plus final boss is a Sega Saturn!! You can't get much better than that :P

Epic Final Boss Stage:

It's a must have for any oldschool Sega fan :P I mean, what other company out there would take the mic out of them selves when they're failing? And show one of their biggest characters working as a shop assitant? :P

SegaGaga - 7
I can get hold of a 'backup' of this game, but I'd like the real thing. I can't find it anywhere though, so if anyone can find it for me, I'll be a very happy chappy! Then again, with it being so rare, I don't imagine it'd be cheap :P

SegaGaga - 1
SegaGaga - 2
SegaGaga - 5SegaGaga - 3
SegaGaga - 6
I suppose it's not the sort of game most people would put in their Arcade Cabinet, but I MUST have it :P

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